Sunday, January 14, 2007

"The pride and cowardice of those old men, making their wars that boys must die."

So, welcome back.

Well, this week, Bush asked for an escalation of 21,000 troops to go to Iraq.

Fuckin' great. Just what we need; more targets for the Iraqi militants. To date, we've lost 3,017 troops, and more than 47,000 have been wounded, some of those maimed so badly they can no longer live a normal life. And for what? Every reason we've been given for as to why we are in Iraq has been proven false, and yet we can't leave. Our "president" (notice the lower case 'p')has decided that we have to win. WHAT IS WINNING? Considering the fact that we have no clear goal or exit strategy, we can't win. We have the greatest, most efficient military in the World, but even they have to be given a goal. What is their goal now, SURVIVE? That's not winning? How do you win a war against an entire country of people that hate you? A country that the more "enemies" we kill, the more sprout up? We'll be there forever, locked in stalemate, us killing them, them killing us, until one of our countries falls completely. And then what? No, the only way for us to get out is to cut our losses & leave. We can't win in Iraq short of killing the entire country. And that's not a win. And even if they decide on a goal, it's hard to call it a win when we keep losing troops to a war that should have never been fought.

And what about Afghanistan? The Taliban is actually coming back. And we're allowing them, because all of our troops are in Iraq. The pressure's been taken off Afghanistan, Osama Bin Laden hasn't been found or killed. And the Taliban is gaining power again. But, THAT doesn't matter. I guess we need another attack, but that will make us attack someone else, I suppose. Ugh.

Well, art! So, I've been selling some art on eBay to save up some money for atrip back to see my family in MO. Mostly Lord of the Rings & Star Wars sketch cards, so that's what I have to show you.