Saturday, October 14, 2006

“Drug therapies are replacing a lot of medicine as we used to know it.”- Dubya

Wow. I never thought that I'd use a George Bush Quote in my blog. Color me stupefied. Of course, the fact that this particular quote is so stupid that it makes me giggle like a Japanese anime schoolgirl being molested by a 6 foot tall tentacle monter, is irrelevant. I think.

So, welcome back. I just re-read last week's post, and wow. Talk about the rantings of a mad man... Let me summarize for you: Civil War, BAD. There ya go. All questions answered.

So, I went in for my routine checkup this past week. The first one I've had since before college. Almost 7 years ago. It was pretty good. I learned that I am fantastically healthy (low blood pressure, excellent pulse rate, reflexes and joints are good. etc.), except for one, teeny-tiny little thing....

I'm fat.

Now, I'm not like Weird Al "Fat" video fat, I'm not even Sylvester Stallone in Copland fat. I'm just kind overweight, heavier than I really should be, given my family's medical history. I knew that I'd been letting myself go a bit, since I don't do any exercise. (I'm kinda like a poster-child for American lazyness, really.) But once you get the news from a doctor, stating that same fact, it's harder to ignore. So, I'm gonna start an exercise regimen. Sadly, I was informed that marathons of playing Tomb Raider aren't exercise... looks like it's the gym for me. Wish me luck.

So, other than drawing pretty pictures, one hobby I love is hunting. I grew up hunting with my father and brother and our dog Zeus. Some of my favorite memories involve a gun, ducks and cold water. Sadly, I now live in Arid-zona. What little huntable water there is, is guarded better than a virgin anus in prison. There isn't the solidarity of hunters I remember from my childhood. I grew up in the Midwest and Colorado, so I can recall telling people that you hunt and they'd suggst areas for you to try. Maybe give you some tips on how the birds work in that area. Not here. Oh, no. I recently joined a forum, placing my hope in the openness of anonmous strangers on the internet to guide me to a place to hunt. HA! People there were quite possibly more guarded than in 'real' life. Or maybe they just didn't like me poking holes in their comfortable republican bubbles. Which brings me to my second hunting dilemma: I'm beginning to see that I'm one of a SMALL minority of liberally minded hunters. Which will close off a lot of avenues for possible hunting partners. Well, that and I can read for myself. I swear these ignorant boobs will spout off any republican rhetoric Rush Limbaugh or GWB feeds them. If they said that the sky is purple today, and the weather calls for a 50% chance of biscuits, they'd run outside with butter and honey. And these people vote. Isn't that frightening? The best argument I read against liberals while on that forum? That they all want to take our guns away. Yeah. You know what? I fell for that line too, when I voted for GWB the first time. But I have since learned my lesson. Politicians, liberal or otherwise, can't take away our right to our precious, precious guns. Since it would have to be an amendment to the bill of Rights, the states would have to ratify it. I doubt that would happen. Oh well, as long as the American people stay afraid of gay people and science, these guys will stay the same uneducated, callow boobs they are.

So, I haven't read any comics recently. I AM SADDENED by this turn of events. A couple of months ago, we decided to give up our online comic subscriptions in exchange for a brick and mortar LCS (local comic shop, for those not in the know). This way I could get my comics weekly instead of monthly, and I'd be able to interact with fellow comic fans at the store. Unfortunately, the shop we chose is run by an absentee boob, and his first in command would give lawyers and used car salesmen a pause, he's so slimy. (Pop Culture Paradise in Tempe, AZ, don't go there.) Ashlie refuses to set foot in there anymore. So, we're in comic limbo. We have quite a few storylines to finish, (Civil War, 52) but can't until we decide on a comic shop. (Aren't my issues fun?) So, no new comics review. Bah.

Here's some new-ish art to share:

These are samples I did for a Universal Studios Monsters sketch card set that's coming out soon. I didn't make it. I've seen some of the samples that did, and I can see why. But damn, it's hard to get into this whole sketch card gig. But, I'm trying. I really thought these turned out well. What do you think, intarwubs?

Well, that's about it for this installment. Join us again next time, as we unravel the secrets of the wonder known as pie.

P.S. See that CafePress link over to the right? No, your other right. Yeah over there. Click it. It takes you to my store Monkey Minion Press. Where you can buy shirts and stuff with my pretty, pretty pictures on them. There will be more designs added as soon as I make them, so keep your eyes peeled.